Robert Edward Shaw

A Redwood Falls man was convicted in Redwood County Court last week for receiving stolen property and for aiding an offender who was on probation.

The criminal complaint from the Redwood Falls Police Department stated that on April 8, 2020, officers prepared to execute a search warrant at 206 Main Street South in Redwood Falls. Despite knocking and yelling multiple times for the occupants to allow them in, the officers finally had to force their way into the residence.

Upstairs, officers found Robert Edward Shaw, age 28, and Sharia Lynn Rousseau, age 27, who had a felony warrent for her arrest. Shaw stated he had learned the day before about the warrant for Rousseau, and that he had not opened the doors of the residence because he did not want her to give herself up.

Shaw acknowledged he had observed Rousseau drive a vehicle to his residence, thought it was odd that Rousseau asked him to hide the vehicle in his garage, but backed the vehicle inside anyway. Officers located the stolen vehicle, estimated to be worth $15,000, in Shaw’s garage.

A variety of illegal drugs, including methamphetimine and marajuana, were also found in the residence.

For being found guilty for felony Receiving Stolen Property, Aiding an Offender on Probation, and Controlled Substance Crime in the Fifth Degree charges, Shaw was sentenced to 30 days in the Redwood Falls jail with credit for 30 days served, three years probation, and total fines of $385.