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A Redwood Falls man, Samuel Eugene Dow Jr., age 23, has been found guilty in Redwood County Court for multiple felony theft charges.

On Oct. 6, 2021, a Redwood Falls police officer was called on a report of a bicycle, valued at $1,500, stolen from a front yard. The victim also noted there was a strange bicycle left next to the driveway.

Three days later, the victim notified the police department that he had seen Dow pushing the stolen bike down the road with two flat tires. Dow told police he had bought the bike from an individual who denied selling that bike to anyone, and that he had seen 13 or 14 bikes at Dow’s residence.

Separate charges related to an incident several weeks later, in Nov. 2021. A victim contacted Redwood Falls police about a possible burglary at his son’s residence. The son’s surveillance camera had caught the suspects, one of whom officers recognized as Dow, breaking into the residence. Officers noted the door of the residence appeared to have been kicked in.

Officers arrested the other suspect, who admitted going to the victim’s trailer on or about Nov. 21, 2021 with Dow and taking property. Dow also was arrested and acknowledged going to the victim’s residence.

For both incidents, Dow was sentenced to a total of 21 months at the correctional facility in St. Cloud, stayed for five years, 60 days local confinement, five years supervised probation, and fines and fees of $670.