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A Redwood Falls man, Earnie Clarion Ahrens III, age 51, was sentenced in Redwood County court this week on separate felony charges of selling methamphetamine, and causing a child to be injured by meth.

In the first incident, in July 2023, officers of the Redwood Falls Police Department were called to a scene where two parents reported that their child, who was in a stroller, had chemical burns on her back from contact with methamphetamine residue. The parents stated Ahrens had brought the meth to their residence two days earlier, and showed law enforcement chemical burns on the child’s back. The police officers immediately called for emergency medical aid. One of the parents also admitted she had done meth off a dinner plate next to where the victim was asleep in a swing.

In the second incident, in Sept. and Oct. of 2023, a confidential informant with the Brown Lyon Redwood Renville Drug Task Force purchased methamphetamine  from Ahrens on three different occasions, for a total of nearly 12 grams of meth.

On Dec. 4, Ahrens was sentenced for a combined total of 61 months in the correctional facility in St. Cloud, stayed five years, 300 days local confinement, supervised probation for five years, and fines and fees of $585.