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A Redwood Falls man, Jacob Kelly Leith, age 28, was sentenced for a felony drug offense after officers found illegal drugs on the side of a road where he had stopped.

According to the court documents, on Aug. 1, 2022, a Redwood County deputy learned of a vehicle driving erratically, including on the wrong side of the road. The deputy found a matching vehicle parked on the side of Laser Avenue. As the deputy approached, the vehicle sped away at high speed down the gravel road, fishtailing as it went. A check showed the vehicle had expired license plates.

The deputy eventually was able to pull the car over. The driver, Leith, acknowledged his drivers license was revoked due to a prior DWI involving heroin. The vehicle was searched, and nothing of note was found.

Later, the deputy returned to the spot on Laser Avenue where Leith had been parked, and found a small black bag by the road. The bag contained drug paraphernalia, including a hypodermic needle containing a substance that tested positive for heroin.

On June 29, Jacob Leith was sentenced to 120 days local confinement, and fees and fines of $210.