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A Redwood Falls man, Christopher Shawn Nelson, age 40, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for deliberately damaging a car in an area parking lot.

According to court documents, on Aug. 30 of last year, Redwood Falls police officers were called to a report of a man striking another man’s vehicle in a store parking lot with a shopping cart, resulting in damage. The man reporting the damage stated the vandal had left in a Ford Escape.

On Sept. 12, officers reviewed security camera footage that showed a man identified as Christopher Shawn Nelson pushing a shopping cart near the vehicle. Seconds later the cart comes back into view at a high rate of speed and strikes the car. A nearby witness led the cart away, and is later seen speaking to the car’s owner and inspecting the damage. The witness told the officers he had seen a person who matched Nelson’s appearance shove the cart into the car.

On June 5, Nelson was sentenced for felony-level damage to property (value reduced over $1,000) to 10 days local confinement, supervised probation for three years, and $685 in fees and fines.