The road leading from Highway 19 down to the city hydroelectric plant has been washing away, exposing infrastructure below.

When heavy rains wash away part of a road, repairing it is important to the people in that neighborhood. When that road leads down to the city hydroelectric plant, with important infrastructure beneath it, repairing the road is even more necessary.

On Tuesday, the Redwood Falls City Council approved an approximately $1.2 million plan to stabilize the road leading from Highway 19 down to the city’s hydroelectric plant. Parts of the hill right beside the road have slid down into the Redwood River, exposing vital electric, drainage, and sewer systems.

The engineers at Bolton & Menk, Inc., have drawn up specifications and estimate the cost of the project at about $1.2 million. It is expected the bid will be awarded at the July 6 Redwood Falls City Council meeting.