And the word went out across the Redwood-area, and the donors answered.

Last week we told you the Red Cross was short over 80,000 units of blood typical for this time of year. So many blood drives have been canceled this month because of COVID-19 fears, the Red Cross put out a nationwide alert asking donors to show up at whatever bloodmobile visits were still scheduled.

Redwood Falls’ two-day event still occurred this past week, on Monday and Tuesday, but under special circumstances. No local volunteers met donors at the door or worked at the cantine. All donors had their temperature taken at the door, and most wore masks. Social distancing was the order of the day. No walk-ins were allowed – only those who had appointments.

But the donors showed up. Despite 38 no-shows and 17 deferrals, the Redwood Falls area exceeded the two-day goal of 233 units, collecting 253 units of blood instead.

Here are the statistics from the Redwood Falls blood drive:

Scheduled Donors – 262 donors
Presenting Donors – 222 donors
First Time Donors – 10
Deferrals – 17 donors
No Shows – 38 donors
Goal – 233 units
Actual Units Collected – 253 units
Power Reds – 73 units
Whole Blood – 143 units

First Time Donors – Chelsey Gniffke, Becca Rosenhammer, Christine Schablin, Jennifer Kuehn, Kaleb Haase, Leslie Gonzalez, Kevin Malecek, Jana Malecek, Rebecca Suiter, Laveda Larsen

1 Gallon – Becca Rosenhammer, Haley Dolezal, Dennis Entinger, Teresa Haase, Colleen Danielson, Andy Easley
2 Gallons – Lois Smith, Lynn Krause
3 Gallons – Kyle Feldman, Amber Stormo
4 Gallons – Terri Maguire, Alan Liebl
5 Gallons – Wade Plotz, Shawn Dixon, Steven Suedbeck
7 Gallons – Joseph Salfer, James Estum
8 Gallons- Mark Johanneck, Dar Mackenroth, Cindy LaBrie
9 Gallons – Chad Draeger
10 Gallons- Mark Guetter
12 Gallons – Roger Bubolz
13 Gallons – Duwayne Zondervan
15 Gallons – Glendon Dahmes , Diane Houtkooper
16 Gallons – Margaret Cook
17 Gallons – Phil Johanneck
19 Gallons – Gary Simondet