Deputy Taft Anderson will be Echo’s handler.

The Redwood County Sheriff’s Office has a new officer — K9 Officer Echo, who is about a year and a half old, and from Redwood County from the Czech Republic. Deputy Taft Anderson will be Echo’s handler. The duo will be hitting the streets later this autumn, after 12 weeks of training.
Sheriff Jason Jacobson stated this week that reinstating the K9 program was a priority for the department. Earlier this spring the department was approached by an organization that works with agencies to provide dogs trained for law enforcement duties. Tasks include tracking, area and building searches, article and evidence search and recovery, and criminal apprehension.
Echo, a German Shephert, was named after the department asked elementary school children in the county for suggestions. The name Echo beat out Egon, Red, and Rip.
According to Jacobson, the department received grants from AKC Reunite and AgCountry Farm Credit Service to support the Redwood County K9 Program.