On Monday, at 1:59 p.m., the Brown County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a pickup truck that had went through the ice on Lake Hanska near the Godahl landing.

Both passengers managed to get out of the vehicle and no one was injured. The pickup is still partially submerged in the lake and arrangements are being made to recover the pickup truck.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind those who use the lakes and rivers during the winter months of the current thin ice conditions on many local area lakes and rivers in Brown County.

While no ice is 100 percent safe, please use caution anytime you venture onto lake ice or river ice, especially at night.

Refrain from driving on ice whenever possible. If you must drive a vehicle, keep your windows down and be prepared to leave it in a hurry.

Don’t “overdrive” your vehicle’s or snowmobile’s headlight.The Brown County Sheriff’s Office recommends following the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources ice thickness guidelines before heading out onto the ice.

The DNR offers the following guidelines for new clear ice:

            4 inches for ice fishing or other activities on foot.

            5 inches for snowmobile or ATV.

            8-12 inches for car or small pickup.

            12-15 inches for medium truck.

And finally, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.