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A Paynesville man, Lee Joseph Fuchs-Thielen, age 37, has been sentenced in Renville County Court this week for multiple burglaries in Renville County in 2021.

Renville County law enforcement originally began investigating four separate residential burglaries where law enforcement observed forcefully opened doors, personal belongings spewed about, and many priceless valuables and cash missing. The burgled residences were ones where the owners were on vacation or had just recently left the property for short periods of time, and had no security systems.

One  similarity between all cases was a red Chevrolet Cobalt seen by neighbors and townspeople around the time of the burglaries.

Upper Sioux law enforcement made contact with Fuchs-Thielen in April 2021, driving a red Chevrolet Cobalt that still contained various stolen items. Under questioning, Fuchs-Thielen admitted to the burglaries in Renville County, as well as five other cases in Todd and Stearns Counties. Fuchs-Thielen stated his motivation was to support his methamphetamine addiction.

 The Renville County Attorney’s Office announced on Thursday that Lee Joseph Fuchs-Thielen, 37, has been sentenced to 48 months in prison.