Nuvera is still burying fiber optic cables in neighborhoods north of Bridge Street, as seen here on Thursday morning. However, neighborhoods to the south will have to wait until gas lines are modernized. (KLGR photo by Joshua Dixon)

The media company Nuvera confirmed this week it is making changes to its fiber optic upgrade in Redwood Falls due to safety issues with underground gas lines.

Joanna Hjmelyard, representing Nuvera, told KLGR on Thursday the southern half of Redwood Falls will have its underground fiber optic upgrade postponed until after the gas company modernizes gas lines.

“We’ve been having problems with unreliable locates for gas lines south of Bridge Street,” she said. “We’re digging in yards and in rights of way, and we have to think of the safety of our teams, and our communities.”

Nuvera still plans to continue burying fiber optic cable in neighborhoods north of Bridge Street and west of the Minnesota River through August.

Hjmelyard said Nuvera is currently investing $200 million to update the fiber optic lines in 12 communities in southwestern Minnesota, including New Ulm, and Hutchinson.

The eventual plan is to have every home and business in Redwood Falls connected directly to a fiber optic line.