A Morton man, Marcos Antonio Hernandez Jr., age 28, was arrested last week after injuring himself trying to break into a Redwood Falls home.

According to the charging documents, during the evening of Wed., Nov. 2, the Redwood Falls Police Department was informed of the break-in by the home owner, who reported he heard glass breaking from the patio door or kitchen window on the back of the residence. When police officers arrived and ran to the back yard, they found Hernandez sitting on the deck near the rear patio door.

Police noted six broken windows, numerous broken potted plants and other gardening tools, and a hole in the vinyl siding near a broken window. Hernandez’s hands were bleeding, and his missing right shoe was later located in one of the broken windows. Hernandez stated he did not know who the residence belonged to, and that he had been consuming alcohol.

The victim stated he did not know Hernandez. Shattered glass was found in the kitchen, along with blood on the broken windows near the rear patio door. Total damage to the victim’s property exceeds $1,000.

Hernandez was first taken to the hospital for treatment for his injured hands, then taken to the Redwood County jail. He has been charged with felony-level attempted burglary, and felony-level damage to property.