The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDoT) announced Friday it will be providing KLGR-area counties and cities millions of dollars in road improvement grants for the coming year or two.
About $185 million was set aside for projects, with some specified by the state House and Senate, and the rest to be competed for by the counties and cities. On May 27, an advisory committee selected 75 projects out of the 425 proposed. In the KLGR-area, approved projects include:
Redwood County: $1,250,000 for County Road 1 project
Renville County: $1,250,000 for County Road 6 project
Kandihohi County: $775,000 for County Road 2 project
McLeod County: $1 million for County Road 15 project
City of Montevideo: $1,095,000 for Ashmore Ave and 24th St. project
City of Wabasso: $1,250,000 for Cedar St. project