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A Minneapolis woman, Nyia Lee, age 35, was sentenced for illegal drug possession after being found with a variety of drugs and firearms in Redwood County.

According to court documents, on July 15, 2021, Redwood County Sheriff’s Office deputies  performed a search warrant at a residence on 140th Street. After clearing the buildings on the property of an adult and four children, officers were told that Lee had left for St. Paul that morning.

Officers found various illegal drugs on the site along with firearms, which Lee was prohibited from possessing based on her previous criminal history. A variety of rifles, shotguns, and handguns of various calibers were wrapped in plastic and inside zip lock bags, along with ammunition, and a scope with digital night vision. Several firearms had been reported stolen by the police departments of St. Paul Police Department, Campbell Township Police Department, and  Eu Claire.

Officers also found $1000 in cash, a number of baggies of methamphetamine, and ATVs reported stolen from Ramsey County, St. Paul, and Roseville.

Lee was on the phone with deputies at the beginning of the search, saying she was on her way back from St. Paul. However, as the search progressed she did not answer any more calls from them. Her previous criminal history showed felony convictions for crimes of violence and illegal drugs.

On July 7, Nyia Lee was sentenced to 93 months in the correctional facility in Shakopee, stayed for 93 months, and five years supervised probation.