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A Milroy man, Bjorn Roy Christensen, age 48, was sentenced in Redwood County court for felony drug offenses after trying to hide drugs in a police car.

According to court documents, on May 25 of this year, Redwood County deputies reported to a residence near Milroy in an attempt to locate Christensen, who had an active felony warrant for his arrest. After arresting him, the deputies transported Christensen back to the Redwood County jail in the back of their squad car. One deputy noted Christensen appeared anxious, and was reaching into his left side pocket.

At the jail, the deputy looked between the back seats of the squad car, and found a small baggy containing what was tested as nearly two grams of methamphetamine. After being read his rights, Christensen admitted the meth was his.

On Oct 30, Christensen was sentenced to 17 months in the correctional facility in St. Cloud, stayed for five years, five years supervised probation, 45 days local confinement, and fines and fees of $285.