Jeffrey Joseph Lingl

The Redwood Falls Police Department on Monday identified Jeffrey Joseph Lingl, age 61, as the Level 3 offender who plans to move to the Redwood Falls area soon.

Lingl has a history of sexual contact against teen-aged and adult female victims. Lingl was known to his victims, and used established relationships of trust to exploit unmonitored access to victims. Lingl has served his sentence, and will be released on Wednesday, March 24, and is expected to move to Redwood Falls immediately.

Lingl’s address, according to the Redwood Falls Police Department, is “vicinity of West Park Road”, in Redwood Falls.

The Redwood Falls Police Department will hold a community meeting at the Redwood Area Community Center on Monday, March 22 at 6 p.m. This informational meeting is a time to ask questions and get informed.

A zoom meeting will be set up for those who wish to attend online, otherwise in-person attendance available.