On Friday, KLGR News Director Joshua Dixon went on a tour of the new Carris Health – Redwood hospital and clinic facility currently being built on the southern edge of Redwood Falls.

Under the theory a picture is worth a thousand words, here are about 19,000 words worth of information about the new medical facility for the Redwood Area:

Here is what visitors will see as they enter the main front entrance lobby. The hospital area is to the left, the clinic is to the right.









The exterior of the new hospital / clinic.









Looking left from the main entrance, visitors will see a front hallway leading to various hospital departments.









“Main Street” is the major hallway dividing the hospital area (left) and the clinic area (right). Shared facilities, such as the cafeteria, are located here.



A bistro / cafeteria for staff and visitors is at the far end of “Main Street”.


Right outside the bistro will be a space for outdoor dining.


A clinic nurses’ station is surrounded by exam rooms.
A hallway between sections of the clinic section.
On Friday several inspectors looked over the helipad, located behind the hospital and near the employee parking lot.


The loading dock is to the left, with the Emergency Room ambulance entrance to the right.


This photo shows a reverse angle of the previous one. The double doors at the end of the hallway are where ambulance crews will bring patients into the Emergency Room.


The Emergency Room under construction, with a patient treatment room taking shape in back.
In the main hallway, this is where the main visitor entrance for the Emergency Room is taking shape.
Just a few feet from the Emergency Room front entrance, the Meditation Room is taking shape, with rainbow granite from the Morton quarry on one wall (covered here for protection.)
A new exercise room for the Physical Therapy department will have equipment, and a walking track marked on the floor carpeting.


The Physical Therapy room will also have its own exercise swimming pool.
The Carris Health – Redwood hospital will have two operating rooms, which require some of the most complex construction in the facility.
The Radiology department requires specialized construction to protect hospital staff from overexposure to their equipment.
Patients who need to overnight in the hospital will have in-patient rooms similar to this, which happens to be one of the birthing rooms.