SEI client Bob worked in the assembly room earlier this week.

Service Enterprises, Incorportated, known as SEI for short, has been in Redwood Falls for 50 years this month, helping area residents with disabilities find jobs throughout Redwood and Renville counties. Earlier this week, a client named Bob took a few moments from his work in the SEI assembly room to talk about his jobs in-house, and throughout the larger community:

Donna Hanlon, program coordinator, is currently the longest serving employee at SEI. She’s been there for 45 of its 50 years, and started literally just after she finished high school:

Kathy Rejsek, SEI’s assembly room supervisor, took several moments during the crew’s break time to explain how the clients come in every day to package products such as Jumpy Monkey coffee, and Morgan brand pop corn:

Phillip has been a client at SEI for about 10 years. We caught up with him in the assembly room during his break from pasting labels on bags of Jumpy Monkey coffee:

Karin Ramey, is program administrator at SEI. She explained how the program got started back in 1969 and has evolved through the decades: