Jonathan Ceplecha was trapped under a fallen tree for four days late last month. He is currently at a Twin Cities hospital being treated for his ordeal. (Photo courtesy Ceplecha’s family.)

Here is an update about Jonathan Ceplecha, the Redwood Falls man who was trapped under a tree for four days in late August.

On Sept. 15, the decision was made to amputate his right leg, just below the knee. According to the family, the majority of his right foot was beyond any hope of healing, and was absent of life. Removing his leg below the knee was being done to ensure no further surgeries could be required. This will also provide him with far more prosthesis options.

Ceplecha had his sixth surgery on Friday, Sept. 18. It was the final amputation on his right leg, below the knee, and it was successful. According to family his left leg is “still a work in progress.” Last week the surgeons removed a thigh muscle and attached it to the lower half of his leg to replace tissue and muscles destroyed by gangrene and infections.

The family says Ceplecha has his good days and bad days, and is now fighting off another infection. He has a few more surgeries ahead of him and physicians estimate it will be another two or three weeks before he is able to leave HCMC in Minneapolis.