The Highway 101 bridge over the Minnesota River near North Redwood is scheduled to be completed this June, according to the Redwood County Highway Department.

The project ran into many unexpected challenges this past summer. Uneven bedrock required engineers to change the foundation design for the south abutment, and extremely hard granite slowed the drilling progress for the two piers.  

Duininck Inc., under contract to the Redwood County Highway Department, has been working through the winter to move the project along.  The north abutment and rebar cages for ten columns on piers 1 and 2 within the Minnesota River are complete.  Drilled shafts were constructed for each column and were embedded into the granite bedrock.  Additionally, the contractor has placed riprap along the river banks for permanent stabilization. 

When completed, the bridge will be a very durable, long lasting structure, meeting modern bridge standards.  The project is a cooperative project with Renville County and funding assistance from the State of Minnesota.  The project is scheduled for completion in June 2021.  

The Redwood County Highway Department understands that the Highway 101 bridge is along a well-traveled route, and the bridge closure is inconvenient to area residents. The department extends its appreciation to the public for their continued patience as the project moves forward.