Image courtesy Pioneer PBS

GRANITE FALLS, Minn. – Recently, a construction crew working near a Granite Falls Pioneer PBS tower severed major power and fiber optic lines needed to keep Pioneer PBS broadcasting over the air on television. The damaged fiber cannot be fixed and new fiber must be installed. The station has ordered replacement fiber to be run.

Based in Granite Falls, Pioneer PBS is located in one of the smallest towns out of any station in the PBS system and is dedicated to remaining here for the benefit of our region.

This event will only affect viewers who rely on over-the-air television. Our regular programming will continue on streaming services and online platforms.

Currently, Pioneer PBS cannot reasonably forecast a completion timeline and encourages the public to visit its website at for updates.

During the past year, Pioneer PBS made several major investments in upgrading technology to complete its master control move to Granite Falls. Despite aging infrastructure, Pioneer PBS maintained services to most communities during other upgrades. However, this incident requires Pioneer PBS to rebuild its foundational infrastructure. This is a major investment for Pioneer PBS, in the several hundreds of thousands of dollars range.