Friday evening: update on search for Quincy Domingo Schaffer
Earlier this week KLGR told you of a search effort for Quincy Domingo Schaffer, age 21, who was last seen on Tuesday evening, and who may have been injured. On Friday evening, the Lower Sioux Police Department gave an update on status of this active investigation, noting that some information cannot be made public at this time:
“Mr. Schaffer has NOT been located still at this time but an incredible amount of effort is going into trying to locate him. Officers have utilized the Lower Sioux Police Department K9, drones, ATVs, and foot patrols throughout the community. Redwood County Sheriffs Office and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension have both been assisting our Officers in efforts to locate Mr. Schaffer. Our Officers are working longer days to try and locate this missing young man.
“We are also working through a multitude of information coming in from the general public as well from our investigation. Please bear with us as we sort through everything. We ask people to help dispel the rumor mill, which can lead officers away from good incoming information that could help us find Mr. Schaffer in good health and a timely manner.
“We understand this is a trying and difficult time for Mr. Schaffer’s family and friends as we continue the search effort.
While we cannot stop private persons from creating search parties, we ask you to do so carefully and with respect to private property. If you see something, say something. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, support and continued efforts to locate Mr. Schaffer.”