The Redwood-Renville Regional Material Recovery and Transfer Facility — RRRSWA, or “the recycling center”, for short — released a statement Thursday to deal with a rumor going around the area in recent days.

According to RRRSWA, “recently misinformation has been passed around social media and local businesses about the supposed closing of the Redwood-Renville Regional Material Recovery and Transfer Facility. This is a rumor and is not true.”

The collection of recyclables and municipal solid waste (MSW) for residential and commercial properties, as well as the recycling drop-sites, will continue to be the same services provided in 2020, as is currently being provided.

The RRRSWA statement asks that you pass the word along. If you hear that the Redwood-Renville Recycling and Transfer Facility in Redwood Falls is closing or will no longer be providing collection services, please let folks know this is not true, and that the official message can be found on the RRRSWA website and Facebook page, as well as on both the Redwood and Renville counties website links. And feel free to let people know you heard it from KLGR, too.