The Russell Doucette trial in Granite Falls is over with a conviction of guilty to a charge of 2nd Degree Manslaughter.

Doucette, 39, was accused of running over and killing his room mate Randy Oletzke, at the rural home the two shared near Franklin in August of 2017. Doucette did not report the incident until the following day, when emergency crews found Oletzke dead.

The crime was committed in Renville County, but the trial was held in Yellow Medicine County on a change of venue. It began Tuesday and went to the jury late Thursday morning. Assistant Renville County Attorney Glen Jacobson says the jury returned to the courtroom early in the afternoon with a verdict of guilty to Count Number 1, Manslaughter in the Second Degree. However, they acquitted Doucette on Count Number 2, Criminal Vehicular Homicide-Leaving the Scene of an Accident. He will be held without bail until his sentencing December 17th.

Earlier this year Doucette had entered into a plea agreement but withdrew when he found out he would likely be facing prison time after pleading guilty to criminal vehicular homicide.

(JP Cola, KWLM)