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A Dayton man, Carlos Damian Sanchez-Maldonado, age 34, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for drunk driving a stolen car.

According to court records, at a little after 1 a.m. on June 8, a Lower Sioux Police Department Officer noted a car on County Road 24 near Morton parked with its hazard lights flashing. The car began to drive, hitting a parking lot sign before driving over the curb. The vehicle went into a rock pile, then backed up and went forward several times.

The driver, Sanchez-Maldonado, who showed signs of intoxication, stated he had stolen the car, and that the owner was back at the casino. He was arrested and transported back to the Redwood County jail. A review of his records showed that his drivers license had been canceled for several previous unsafe driving incidents.

The owner of the vehicle told police Sanchez-Maldonado was a friend, and that she had loaned him her keys so that he could sleep in her car.

On July 10, Sanchez-Maldonado was sentenced for felony vehicle theft and gross misdemeanor DWI to a total of 364 days local confinement, stayed 274 days for two years, three years supervised probation, and fees and fines of $1,035.