Image courtesy MN Senate

On Thursday, Minnesota Senator Gary Dahms, of Redwood Falls, states he voted against the Senate’s tax bill in part because it breaks a promise most legislators made to Minnesotans.

He released a statement saying, “…I voted against this tax bill because with a historic budget surplus, there is absolutely no reason for a $1.2 billion tax increase, and no reason why we can’t eliminate state income tax for all Social Security recipients.” 

During last year’s election campaigns, a majority of Minnesota Senators promised to work toward the full elimination of the state tax on Social Security as 39 other states already do. This bill passed Tuesday didn’t fulfill the promise.

Dahms stated, “With a $17.5 billion surplus, $19 billion before the accounting change, Minnesotans deserve to see the  majority of the surplus back in their pockets. It’s  unbelievable that we do not have enough money to fully eliminate the tax on Social Security income.”

The Omnibus Tax bill passed on a party line vote and is now in a conference committee where  differences will be worked out with the House.