Coronaviruses research, conceptual illustration. Vials of blood in a centrifuge being tested for coronavirus infection.

Renville County had its first official COVID-19-related death over the weekend, a person in his or her 90s. Redwood County is holding steady with 12 confirmed cases, but no deaths. Kandiyohi County still remains one of the counties with the highest numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Greater Minnesota, with 561, but still only one death.

The Minnesota Department of Health says the state reported 245 new cases and 9 more deaths Tuesday, bringing the totals to 33,469 and 1393 respectively.

That said, the rate of new COVID-19 cases in Minnesota continues to shrink. Although testing is up, Monday’s results showed the smallest percentage of new confirmed cases since April 12.

29,399 people have recovered, 339 are hospitalized and 158 are in the ICU.