The Redwood Area Chamber has been asked to facilitate a one-time distribution of masks from the State of MN Department of Employment and Economic Development (MN DEED). The shipment is expected to arrive at Redwood Area Chamber sometime during the week of July 27. This distribution includes all businesses in Redwood County. 

Anne Johnson, Executive Director of the Redwood Area Chamber, said, “These masks are part of a large effort by the State to provide four million masks at no cost to the public. According to the information we have received from MN DEED, they are meant for businesses to hand to their customers who may not have a mask, or have forgotten a mask, and may also be used for employees. We’ve been informed that this is a one-time shipment, and so this is not a lasting solution to businesses’ need for masks in the coming months. Businesses and individuals should be purchasing masks for the future. Everyone should become prepared with masks, as the burden of providing masks to customers is a financial drain on all businesses,” she added. 

All Redwood County businesses may request masks from the Chamber, as the business is not required to be a chamber member to receive masks for this distribution. Redwood Area Chamber will announce their registration process to obtain masks early in the week of July 27th. Redwood Area Chamber will be using an online form via their website .

Registration for masks via that form will open for a short duration, to allow staff and volunteers the time to count, pack, and label masks for businesses, and get the masks out as quickly as possible. Distribution will happen on one or two days only, which is yet to be determined, based on shipping of masks. 

Businesses should monitor the Chamber’s social media pages and website, along with news media outlets for the most up-to-date information as it becomes available. Chamber Members will receive email updates as well.