It was an unusual Redwood Falls City Council meeting Tuesday evening. The first clue was the total lack of chairs for any audience members, and the councilors sitting in chairs spaced at least 8-10 feet apart throughout the council chambers.

As part of its response to the COVID-19 situation, the Redwood Falls City Council agreed to a variety of procedures to help city staff and visitors get through the next few weeks:

Redwood Falls City Hall: although the lobby will still be open, no visitors will be allowed into the back work area, and no city employees will be allowed into the back work area except the ones who work there. Sanitation in City Hall will be done daily. People who wish to conduct city business, or pay utility bills, are asked to do so over phone or Internet if possible.

The RACC is closed, in part to prevent children from congregating there while schools are closed.

The Redwood Falls Public Library’s lobby is still open, and patrons can order books by calling 507-616-7420 or going online to place an order/hold on items and then pick them up in the lobby.

Various city departments are being asked to self-quarantine, with staff not physically interacting with staff from other departments whenever possible.

The Redwood Falls City staff and councilors also discussed at Tuesday’s meeting the need for possible emergency meetings if necessary, and need for strategies to help city residents deal with difficulties caused by business shut downs.