Last week we told you the Carris Health – Redwood hospital and clinic were resuming some, what are called, “medically necessary procedures” that were delayed due to preparation for a possible surge of COVID-19 patients.

What exactly does that mean, especially to patients themselves, and their families?

What departments and procedures are now available at Carris Health – Redwood that haven’t been for the past month or so? What procedures are not being done at this time? What new restrictions or processes are in place? Are visitors allowed? And perhaps most importantly, how can people go about making appointments? Are the hospital and clinic contacting people about procedures that had to be canceled, or is it the patients’ responsibility to contact the hospital / clinic to set things up?

This week, KLGR News Director Joshua Dixon spoke with Dr. Alan Olson, Medical Director of Carris Health – Redwood Surgery, and Surgical Services Manager Annette Mertens, about how the hospital and clinic are handling the gradual transition back to full operations: