Redwood County has petitioned the City of Redwood Falls for a permit to install a drive-up window in a wall of the Licence Center of the county government building on S. Mill Street. The matter will be resolved by the Redwood Falls City Council on Tuesday.

“The Government” isn’t one big monolith. Sometimes different units of government have to interact with each other the same way citizens do. At Tuesday’s Redwood Falls City Council meeting, the council will consider a request from Redwood County to operate a drive-up window at the County’s Licence Center.

Why can’t the county just install a drive up window in the side of the Government Center on South Mill Street?

Because the City of Redwood Falls has rules about how drive-up facilities can be permitted in the central business district. Drive-up windows, such as at banks, restaurants, and other businesses affect traffic patterns downtown. Therefore, if Redwood County wants to install a drive-up window for the Licence Center, the City of Redwood Falls has to issue what’s called a conditional use permit.

After hearing concerns from citizens in the neighborhood, the Redwood Falls Planning Commission recommended approval of the county’s request with the following conditions:

1. The applicant shall provide at least six (6) stacking spaces per window and a minimum pavement width of twelve (12) feet, a length of twenty (20) feet per vehicle, and shall be exclusive of any other required aisles or parking spaces, in accordance with Section 9.26 of the zoning ordinance.

2. The applicant must designate and permanently identify the drive up and stacking space.

3. The applicant must direct drivers to exit through the south parking lot and onto Fifth Street, per the
submitted plan.

4. If a loudspeaker is used, it should be so directed to avoid the creation of a nuisance for adjacent
residential properties.

5. The applicant must develop a sign plan to direct the flow of traffic to be approved by City Staff.

The matter will be decided at the Aug. 18 Redwood Falls City Council meeting.