On Monday, the City of Redwood Falls issued an update on how the Lake Redwood dredging project is going.
Step one is constructing what’s called a confined disposal facility. That is the site where the silt dredged from the lake will be transported to dry and be processed. This site will hold 655,000 cubic yards of silt and water that will be dredged from Lake Redwood over the next couple of years.
According to the city, crews are on time and progressing quickly with the confined disposal facility during the last few weeks’ warm, precipitation-free days. Since Wednesday, Sept. 23, crews have finished the south, east, and half of the north berm cores. These cores consist of a clay loam with a thick solid clay layer on the “wet” side — the inside — of the berm to make a watertight seal.
Perimeter tiling is almost finished, tying in and rerouting original farm drainage tile to maintain continuous drainage for surrounding parcels. Next will be pushing the removed black topsoil back on the berms, covering the clay core, and will be prepped for grass seeding.