Six particularly hazardous intersections in Redwood Falls will receive new stop signs this week after being approved at last Tuesday’s city council meeting.

As the first stop signs were being installed Wednesday morning, Redwood Falls City Councilor Matt Smith said:

Smith said his own background as a former police officer and Highway Patrol trooper made him concerned about the uncontrolled intersections, especially near Reede Gray Elementary School:

In addition to safety concerns the commission weighed the need for traffic to flow as freely as possible without excessive stops along any particular route. The following intersections will be receiving new stop signs:
1. Cook Street at Schmahl Drive.
2. Meadow Lane at Veda Drive.
3. 2nd Street at Veda Drive.
4. Spring Street at Halvorson Street.
5. Sunrise at Knollwood.
6. Drew Street at 2nd Street.

For more information, contact Redwood Falls City Hall.