The Meeker County Sheriff’s Department is investigating what appears to be sabotage in a corn field west of Hutchinson.

Sheriff Brian Cruze says on Monday they received a report that farmer John Johnson was harvesting corn in a field in Cedar Mills Township when a chain did damage to his combine. Upon further investigation, more chains were found wrapped around cornstalks.

Cruze says the chain did minor damage to the combine, which shut itself down to prevent more-serious damage. He says at this point they don’t know who did it or why.

Cruze says it’s hard to tell when the chains were put on the corn because the fields have been ready for harvest for weeks but farmers have had a tough time getting out because of the weather.

Any information on this incident should be given to the Meeker County Sheriff’s Department at 693-5400, or tips can be submitted anonymously by calling 693-5411.

(JP Cola, KWLM)