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An armed Iowa man, Michael Isiah Schenker, age 28, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for felony threats of violence.

According to court documents, on Sept. 4, 2020, a Redwood Falls Police Officer noticed a vehicle parked in a turn lane with the hazard lights lit. The driver said the back seat passenger, Schenker, was threatening to harm her, and refusing to exit the vehicle. At that point, Schenker did leave the vehicle and start walking away. Schenker refused to identify himself or stop walking, and began yelling at the officers while continuously placing his right hand into his jacket pocket.

After a brief struggle with several officers, Schenker was arrested and handcuffed. Officers found a loaded handgun on Schenker’s person. At the Redwood County jail, when Schenker was finally identified, officers learned he had eight previous convictions in Iowa for burglary, harassment, assault, and domestic abuse.

On July 10, Schenker was sentenced to 30 months at the correctional facility in St. Cloud.