Kyle Smith, Altimate Medical Marketing Manager; Paul Hickey, Altimate Medical CEO; Megan Gibson, Carris Health – Redwood Rehab Manager; Carnie Allex, Carris Health – Redwood Administrator; Samantha Loomis, Carris Health Foundation – Redwood Development Officer

Altimate Medical is proud to partner with Carris Health Foundation – Redwood to provide local patients with mobility issues high quality care close to home by donating an EasyStand Evolv standing frame to the Rehab Department. 

“The EasyStand standing frame facilitates my patient’s ability to increase bearing weight through their legs, which helps – in turn – with their overall bone and joint health while maximizing the use of their legs for daily activities,” explained Ryan Pope, DPT, Carris Health – Redwood Physical Therapist. 

Standing frames, and specifically EasyStand, provide a comfortable and safe way for patients with limited mobility to go from a seated to standing position. This provides a variety of health benefits including improving independence, bone density, circulation, range of motion, strengthening cardiovascular system, and more.

Pope also explained that the standing frame helped decrease the symptoms of pain in one of his patients who has no choice in being primarily sitting.  

“The progressive standing we get through the EasyStand offers so many overall health benefits that tend to go unnoticed until they’re absent, including cardiovascular health in individuals who are otherwise unable to engage in meaningful exercises due to loss of limb function or tolerance of certain movements,” said Pope.

Altimate Medical’s donation of the EasyStand Evolv and optional features has value of $6850. This new unit will replace a previous EasyStand model in the rehab department, providing the latest technology to the local community.

“We take great pride in knowing the products we design and build improve the quality of life for those who need them,” said Paul F. Hickey, CEO of Altimate Medical.  “As a local manufacturer, it’s so rewarding to see our products benefit the lives of this community where many of our employees call home. This is one of many reasons Altimate Medical is compelled to continue giving and engaging our communities.”