The red lines mark which streets will be seal coated with reddish granite chips this coming summer.

Seal coating of Redwood Falls’ streets are an annual affair, and this week the city council awarded a bid for construction of the 2021 Seal Coat Improvements.

Of four proposed bids, the low responsible bidder was Pearson Brothers, Inc of Hanover, whose bid proposal included a base bid with blue rock (Morton Gneiss Formation) for $213,933.20, or red  rock (Sioux Quartzite Formation) for $215,794.20. The engineer’s estimate was  $250,000.00 based on previous years pricing. The city council approved the  red rock bid in part because Public Works Projects Coordinator Jim Doering explained the red granite seems to give somewhat longer-lasting results on the street.  

The start date  would be after August 23  to allow the Street Department time for patching and maintenance of the project area. The work shall be completed by September 24.