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Renville County HRA/EDA Accepting Business Innovation Grant Applications

The Renville County HRA/EDA is accepting applications for the  Business Innovation Grant program until January 1, 2021. The Business Innovation Grant Program  was designed to assist businesses in Renville County with business development and growth  opportunities.  

The maximum grant amount is $3,000 and a minimum 1:1 contribution match from the business or  other funds is required. The project must have the potential to create or retain jobs or be intended to  increase the revenues of local businesses.  

Eligible uses include equipment purchases or upgrades; capital improvements; purchase,  construction, renovation, or expansion of buildings; development or promotion of new product lines;  commercial blight; professional development or employee training (tuition only); and information  technology upgrades. Applications are scored based on need, leveraging of other funds, potential  impact on Renville County, realism of the project, and timetable of the project.  

To view the full list of Business Innovation Grant guidelines or for a grant application, please visit or call (320) 523-3656. 

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