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Redwood Area Community Center to reopen for members Dec. 19

Redwood Area Community Center staff announced Thursday that the facility will once again re-open the RACC, to members only, on Saturday, December 19, at 12:00 a.m. The fitness room, track, courts, and ice arena will be available to its members and new members (including punch pass holders) only at this time. Staff will evaluate the use after the first week of being open in the hopes to open to non-members in the near future. New mandates include a max capacity of 100 people inside the entire facility, and masks must be worn at all times.
Requirements for members/new members:
1.      Masks are required at all times in the RACC (including during your workout).
2.      If you are not feeling well or have been sick within the past 3 days, we ask that you stay home.
3.      Please utilize our multiple sanitation stations scattered throughout the RACC.
4.      Members must go to customer service counter and use your barcode to check in. If you do not have your card, please notify customer service staff. We need to track all users of the RACC.
5.      When leaving you must leave by coming past the customer service counter as we need to keep a total attendance in the facility at any given time.
6.      Please grab a spray bottle of disinfectant. You will utilize this disinfectant (along with paper towels) to wipe down all equipment that you utilize while you are at the RACC. When done with your workout, we ask you to put the bottle of disinfectant in the “need to be sanitized tote” and RACC staff will take care of. You may also use disinfectant wipes located in the fitness room.
Changes you will notice:
1.      Max capacity in the fitness room is 25 people so we have moved some of the cardio equipment into the Fieldhouse. Feel free to use in either space.
2.      Only 1 person/family at the customer service counter at a time. All others must remain 12 ft. of each other.
3.      Tables will remain in the lobby. Each table will only have 2 chairs each.
4.      Facility will be for individual use only. No congregation of people will be allowed.
5.      There will be no coffee available to the public.
6.      Certain doors will be propped open to decrease the amount of touching by members and staff.
7.      Water fountains will be turned off except for the bottle filling stations.
8.      TV’s will be turned off as the remotes will be removed.
9.      Senior adult group fitness will not be allowed at this time. We are looking at starting those back up after the first of the year.
10.   Group fitness classes will not be allowed at this time. We are hoping to start in person classes January 4th. Sam continues to host daily virtual classes.
Rules of Play in the Fieldhouse:
1.      Must bring your own equipment (basketball, etc.).
2.      No more than 4 people shooting at a hoop any one time (unless the same family).
3.      No pickup games (basketball, football, ect) where personal contact is being made.
4.      You may play catch with a Football, Baseball, Softball. Games of Pickleball & Tennis are allowed.
5.      If a group is all from the same family, pick-up games are allowed.
6.      A mask must be worn at all times.
ADULT RECREATION: Current state mandates do not allow organized adult league play. This will be revisited later and hope to start after January 4th.  Please contact Tim Prahl, [email protected], if you have any questions.
YOUTH RECREATION: Please go to our website at to see updates on winter programming or contact Sam Scheffler at [email protected]

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