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Popular Organic Weed Killer Under Investigation

Regulators in Washington, Oregon, and California issued “stop-use” orders for a popular herbicide that’s been used on a lot of organic crops. 

Questions are arising about whether or not Agro Gold WS contains synthetic herbicides like Glyphosate or Diquat. 

As more questions come up about the product, the state of Idaho is also investigating, and an Environmental Protection Agency spokesperson says the agency is “looking at it more closely.” 

The product isn’t labeled as a conventional herbicide, which could have endangered farmworkers. 

They may not have worn enough protective gear or taken enough precautions when mixing or applying the chemicals because they didn’t know what might actually be in the product. 

Glyphosate is the key ingredient in Roundup. 

The Florida-based company Agro Research International says it doesn’t add chemicals to the organic product. 

Their CEO tells the Northwest News Network that he’s fighting back against the investigations. 

He says the co-pack of two products, Agro Gold and Weed Slayer, has been working well for many years, and they “don’t use chemicals.” 

He says he’s not too worried about the ongoing investigations, noting that, “If an intruder comes to your house and you have the ammunition to defend yourself, you shouldn’t worry.”

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)

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