A Winthrop man is facing felony charges after allegedly offering reward money for the kidnapping of a New Ulm-area doctor. Ronald Henry Schoenborn, 54, was charged with felony threats of violence, and gross misdemeanor disorderly conduct in Brown County Court.

Police were notified on Friday that Schoenborn was sitting in his vehicle on 5th North St, outside the New Ulm Medical Center, with a sign that said: “$$500.00 REWARD FOR DR. RANDEEP DHAMI TO BE BROUGHT TO ME.” Underneath that lettering was the word “UNHARMED”.

According to a law enforcement complaint, Schoenborn has been parking near NUMC with various signs and stickers on his vehicle regarding his perceived treatment by NUMC and at least one doctor at that facility. The ongoing disputes over the years have also included Allina, different attorneys, and law enforcement.

Police spoke with the Brown County attorney, who advised them to arrest Schoenborn for threats of violence. There was $500 in cash was found in Schoenborn’s vehicle, according to investigators, “the exact amount of the ‘reward’ he was offering for the kidnapping and false imprisonment of Dr. Dhami.”