Four more area school districts will switch to distance learning due to rising COVID-19 cases and staffing shortages.


According to Redwood Area School District Superintendent Becky Cselovszki, the COVID Committee met on Tuesday evening, a few days earlier this week as the official number of COVID cases continues to escalate in Redwood County.  As a result, the Redwood Area School District will enter a distance learning model for all students.


  • November 23-27 No school for students
  • November 23-25 will be planning time for teachers for the transition.
  • November 30 Distance Learning will start
  • November 30-December 11 Distance Learning for all students
  • December 14-December 23 The goal or hope is to return for 8 days of in person/hybrid instruction.  This will be reviewed each week up to that date.
  • December 24-January 1 Previously scheduled break-no students
  • January 4-Return to school (model-to be determined)

Other Redwood Area School District updates:

Activities:  The local decision is to complete the fall season and postpone the start of any winter seasons.  This may be altered in the Governor’s announcement being released later.

Essential School Age Childcare:  This will be available for families where both parents are essential employees.  Dates offered would be previously scheduled school days.  Nov 23-24, and Nov 30-Dec 11.  Registration information will be available soon.

Food Service:  This option will continue as it has been operating on hybrid days.  More information on this topic will be released soon.



Cedar Mountain will will switch to Distance Learning for all Pre-K through 12 students from November 23 -Dec. 14 December 14. Fall athletics will be allowed to complete their seasons. Cedar Mountain will provide school age care for children ages 12 and under of critical workers. This program will take place at the Elementary School in Franklin.



Windom Area Schools will transition to distance learning for Pre-K through Grade 5, effective Wednesday. The district said in a letter to parents (Nov 15) that over 300 students and 36 staff were quarantined. Grades 9 through 12 began distance learning on Monday. The arrangement will stay in place until at least December 4; potentially longer depending on COVID data.



In New Ulm, the district announced all students would switch to distance learning effective November 30. In order to plan for the transistion, school has been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week is dedicated to the Thanksgiving holiday. Distance learning will remain in place until at least December 11, at which point schools would likely start back in a hybrid format if data allowed.