When Mowing, Keep Grass Clippings Off the Street and Other Paved Areas
  • The owner of any private or public premises is required to maintain any weeds or grass growing at a height of more than 6 inches.
  • When mowing, grass clippings should be directed away from the street, driveways, sidewalks, or other paved areas.
  • Grass clippings blown onto the street can get washed into the storm sewers when it rains, which adds to flooding and water back-up problems.
  • After mowing, grass clippings from driveways, sidewalks or other paved areas should be swept up and returned to the lawn or composted.
  • It is a petty misdemeanor for any individual to throw or deposit in any street or public place, leaves, grass or tree limbs at any time except during periods designated by the City as a fall cleanup period.
Compost Site
To assist with your yard clean-up, composted materials (such as leaves or garden waste) can be taken to the City Compost Site, which is located on Peabody Road by the City lagoons.   Compost Site Map
Compost Site Rules:
  • Place material in appropriate areas.
  • Burning by authorized personnel only. Burning by unauthorized persons is subject to a misdemeanor and/or fines of $750.
  • Anyone witnessing misuse of this site is encouraged to get a license plate number and call the police department at 507-637-4005.
April 1 – October 31
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday – Friday: 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday/Sunday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm