Water Service Line Inventory

Starting Monday, June 3, Bolton & Menk, the City’s Consulting Engineer, will have staff going door-to-door to complete the required EPA Water Service Line Survey.

Bolton & Menk Staff will be wearing safety vests and ID badges.

Please work with them to complete the survey. Any residents unable to complete the survey will be listed as “Unknown” and treated as a lead service line needing replacement until confirmed otherwise.

Thank you to the residents that have completed the water service line inventory survey!

The goal of the inventory is to identify the material type of each service line, with the ultimate goal to remove all lead service lines. This inventory is required by the US Environmental Protection Agency and is scheduled to be completed by May 31, 2024.

While Redwood Falls treats and tests water to make sure that it is lead-free when it leaves the treatment facilities and travels through the water mains. Some older homes (built prior to 1986) in our community can have lead in service lines, household plumbing materials and faucets. The EPA is requiring all Cities to conduct this survey.

Lead presents health concerns for people of all ages, particularly pregnant women, infants, and young children. Ultimately, the best way to protect your household is by removing all potential sources of lead in your water service line and home.

For more information about lead in drinking water go to: www.health.state.mn.us/communities/environment/water/contaminants/lead.html

What is a service line?

A service line is the pipe connecting the water main to the interior plumbing in a building. A lead service line is a service line made entirely or partially from lead.

Types of Water Pipes

You can identify your pipe material by checking your household water service connections inside your home, typically located in your basement. Use the guide below to determine your water pipe material.

Pipe Types
Pipe Types