Getty Images, editorial

A Walnut Grove man, Ayden Wallace parker, age 19, was sentenced in Redwood County Court last week for allegedly repeatedly stealing cars and filling them with stolen gas from gas stations.

According to court documents, on August 10, 2021, the Redwood County Sheriff’s Office was contacted about someone who had filled his tank with gas and then driven off without paying at a convenience store in Walnut Grove. Based on security camera footage from the day before, it appeared the driver of a dark-colored Chevrolet pickup had stolen $77.64 worth of gasoline. Investigation showed the pickup had been reported stolen in Madelia, and was valued at $9,000.

After the Madelia Police Department posted the surveillance video, a member of the public stepped forward to identify the thief as Parker, based in part on his stature and mannerisms. The witness stated she knew Parker had been stealing vehicles and gas recently, and that she had a feeling it might be him in the security footage.

On August 15, the Redwood County Sheriff’s Office learned Parker was already in custody in the Lyon County jail for another crime.

On March 13, Ayden Wallace Parker was sentenced to 90 days local confinement, and fees, fines, and restitution of $287.64.