Image Courtesy GFW Schools

Unofficial results indicate that voters in the GFW School District overwhelmingly approved construction of a new PreK-12 single-site facility in a centralized location.

Because operating one centralized single site facility will result in a cost savings, the district will allow voters to revoke the current operating levy of $1,406.30 per pupil and replace it with a new levy of $996.30 or $410 less per pupil due to the cost savings of a single site via an election in November. The district is confident that current programming will be maintained with a single site and a reduced operating levy.

A single-site solution was the preferred option for GFW Public Schools from the Minnesota Department of Education and will allow the district to create spaces that are designed for new programming like the Academies and Pathways at GFW Middle School and High School. A new facility will also include early childhood spaces, space for the district’s care program T-Bird Club, kindergarten classrooms, a career academy center, music suite, and more. There will also be wings for the elementary, middle, and high schools, a 400 seat performance center, and one competition gym with three gym spaces.

By approving the project in April instead of November, the district hopes to be in a new building by the fall of 2025.