Two men were arrested for a variety of drug violations when their car passed through Redwood Falls Thursday, on their way to Colorado to buy marijuana-based products in Colorado.

On Thursday, March 18, a vehicle was spotted driving down E. Bridge Street in Redwood Falls at about 45 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. A police officer flashed his lights and stopped the vehicle near the intersection of North Halvorston Street. As the officer approached the vehicle, he saw the passengers making what he called “furtive movements” in an alleged attempt to conceal items from view. The officer stated he could smell an oder of fresh unburnt marijuana from inside the vehicle.

The officer spoke with the driver, Jazzper Gabriel Plank, age 22, of Mankato. Plank claimed he and his companions were travelng to Colorado for the weekend, and that he could not remember what he was on probation for in Blue Earth County. Further investigation showed Plank was on probation for possession of marijuana, and had a suspended drivers licence.

Plank admitted he had marijuana in the vehicle, but that he had a medical marijuana card in the glove box. A search of the vehicle turned up a containers of marijuana and THC edibles, leafy marijuana, a THC vial, plastic bag packaging, and $3,390 in small demoninations.

Plank and a passenger, Jeremiah David Granahan, age 21, of Corydon, Iowa, were arrested for felony-level drugs sale or possession charges. Another passenger, David Dinh Tran, age 20, of Mankato, was cited.