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A South Dakota man, Patrick Riley Bettelyoun, age 44, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for a variety of felony offenses during a traffic stop in Redwood Falls.

According to court records, on Aug. 25 of last year, a Redwood Falls police officer noted a vehicle leaving a convenience store without front or rear license plates. The officers saw the driver, Bettelyoun, get into the car chatting on his cell phone. He headed out of the parking lot still speaking on the phone.

Officers pulled Bettelyoun over on E. Bridge Street. During the stop Bettleyoun was constantly distracted, could not find his ID, and would repeatedly gave irrelevant answers to officers’ questions. Bettelyoun stated he was on probation for drug possession or DWI, and allegedly stated his favorite drug was methamphetamine.  He failed standard field sobriety tests, and officers learned he had four previous DWIs in South Dakota.

Bettelyoun stated the vehicle had been loaned to him by a friend. A search of the vehicle turned up an expired insurance card in another person’s name. Bettelyoun acknowledged he didn’t know who the person on the card was. A check came back with a report the vehicle had been stolen out of South Dakota.

Police also found metal knuckles in the vehicle, and Bettelyoun admitted they were his.

On Dec. 18 Bettelyoun was sentenced for felony receiving stolen property and DWI to a total of 42 months one day in the correctional facility in St. Cloud, stayed five years, 180 days local confinement, five years supervised probation, restitution, and fines and fees of $1,615.