Now is the time of year when Minnesotans begin to take full advantage of trails and campgrounds throughout the state park system. But access is limited for some attractions at sites around the state because of flooding issues brought on by recent rainstorms. Comments from Sara Berhow, public relations supervisor, Parks and Trails Division, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Recent bouts of heavy rain are not just leading to flooded basements in Minnesota – they’re also reducing access to state parks just as summer demand picks up. D-N-R officials are offering guidance and safety warnings. The Department of Natural Resources says quite a few parks have trail closures due to recent flooding, and in some cases, park roadways have been washed out. There are also campground closures in some state forest areas. The agency’s Sara Berhow acknowledges the timing couldn’t be worse for these safety alerts to go out.

She says they’ll move as quickly as possible to get these outdoor attractions ready for visitors again. As for campers with reservations, they can make changes through the D-N-R website, if needed. That includes looking for another campground if the original site they booked is off limits right now.