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The Minnesota Board of Animal Health confirmed last Tuesday that a second commercial turkey meat bird operation in Redwood County has been hit with the bird flu this month. This flock had 18,731 commercial turkey meat birds that came down with highly pathogenic avian influenza.
Since March of 2022, 131 sites in Minnesota have been struck by bird flu, affecting 5,758,052 known birds. In addition to the two discovered this month in Redwood County, other KLGR-area counties that have recently been hit with bird flu this year include Brown (Oct. 25), Kandiyohi (Oct. 24 and Nov. 14), and Redwood (Oct. 18).
To date, the HPAI strains circulating in the U.S. have not been found to cause illness in people. According to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, properly handled poultry and poultry products, such as eggs, are safe to eat.